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Patent Search Services

At Maxinov, we specialize in providing high-quality patent search services to clients around the world. Our team of experts has successfully completed over 3,000 patent searches, supporting clients at various stages of the patent life cycle. With access to the most sophisticated databases, we are confident in our ability to provide reliable and accurate information to support your patenting goals and IP decision-making.

Patent search is a critical step in any IP strategy and patent decision. It can be used to support filing a patent, licensing a patent, or conducting patent intelligence. At Maxinov, we understand that patent search is both an art and a science, requiring a deep understanding of technology, data discovery expertise, and analytical skills. Our patent clinicians are well-equipped to handle the diverse needs of our clients.

As a one-stop solutions provider for all your patent search needs, Maxinov offers a range of services to meet your specific objectives. These include patentability assessment, validity search, invalidation search, infringement study, freedom to operate search, claims mapping, state of the art search, search for information disclosure statements, evidence of use, and patent landscape search. Trust us to provide reliable, effective, and high-quality search services that support your success.

Patentability Assessment

If you are planning to file a patent application, feel free to get in touch with us for an initial free consultation. We provide high quality and affordable patent searches to clients worldwide in various technology domains ranging from mechanical equipment to smart and hi-tech sectors.

FTO Search

Launching a new product or business? Perhaps you will need an FTO analysis. Whenever a company is planning to develop and launch a new product, particularly in sectors that involve extensive patenting activity, there is a risk that commercialization may be blocked..

Patent validity search

Patent invalidity or patent validity searches are conducted to either validate enforceability of claims of a patent or to invalidate one or more claims of some other patent (mostly of a competitor). It is the first step taken by a company facing a patent infringement lawsuit.

State of the Art Search

Everything disclosed to the public, including patents and non-patent literature is called state of the art or prior art. State of the art search is decisive in determining patentability of an invention when reviewed in light of patentability criteria. It is sometimes also called as ..

Infringement Searches / Product Searches / Evidence of Use

Protect your interests and preemptively address potential infringements. We meticulously scan for products, services, or publications that might infringe upon your patents, offering a holistic view of potential threats in the market.

Why Choose Us?

We are a one-stop solutions provider for all your patent searching needs. Maxinov offers all types of patent searches depending on the objective, client requirements and the scope of the study. We offer high-quality, effective, and reliable patent research (search) services such as patentbility assessment, validity search, invalidation search, opposition search, infringement study, freedom to operate search (clearance search), claims mapping, state of the art search, search for information disclosure statements, and patent landscape search.

Our reports are highly customized in view of the end objective and client necessities. Patent searches can be supported through non-patent data discovery and analysis tasks if client wishes for a more comprehensive study. An access to the world’s most comprehensive databases with a coverage of more than 50 countries patent data adds credibility to the information.

The Benefits

Fast turnaround

Our multi-layered quality control process with an effective scheduling system allows a short turnaround time for research and prior art search services. QuickTurn means fast! We provide quick service particularly when there are bulk requests from clients which need to be handled on a daily basis.

We do have an access to some of the finest patent databases covering 100+ countries patent data. We also have access to English versions of non-English patent data filed in Japan, Korea, and China and many other countries. This ensures that we do not miss any important prior art during the search.

We can make human translation available for non-English patent records if client requires it.

Our patent clinicians are experts in their relevant technology streams and have vast experience of handling different types of searches in their respective technology fields.

Popular Questions

Why should I conduct a prior art search?

There are more than one reason for conducting a prior art search. It helps you assess novelty and non-obviousness of the invention. It also helps you define scope of the claims. Without search, you cannot know the boundary of your invention that differentiates it from existing knowledge. A good prior art search lays the foundation of a good patent application. It can save huge amount of costs by timely letting you know what is patentable is and is not.

Maxinov’s team includes researchers and patent agents who have more than a decade experience of patent searches in various domains of technology. They understand the ins and outs and subtle nuances pertaining to patent searches. We have access to the patent literature of 100+ countries and translated patent information for several non-English jurisdictions such as China Patent Office, Japan Patent Office, Korean Patent Office, Germany etc. This ensures that we do not miss on any important literature piece.

Ideally not but it all depends on client requirements. Some clients request only patent search, others may want a comprehensive search. We recommend you conduct a comprehensive prior art search that involves patent search (granted as well as pending) and non-patent literature such as abstracts and posters, conference proceedings, journal articles, etc.

No. Patent grant depends on many factors such as prior art available, Examiner’s interpretation and judgment particularly in case of non-obviousness matters, as well as several other legal aspects. As for the availability of prior art, no search can guarantee that 100% literature is screened. There is indefinite information – a vast sea of knowledge. Our search professionals are experts in framing search methodologies that allow optimal usage of time to study the most probably literature to uncover prior art. But this does not guarantee unavailability of prior art. We are however successful in most cases to uncover any relevant prior art that may appear to an Examiner during prosecution. And, that’s the objective of a search.