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Patent Litigation Support

At Maxinov, we specialize in providing comprehensive patent litigation support to US-based law firms, ensuring meticulous attention to detail in every aspect of patent analysis and legal preparation. Our services include an in-depth Freedom to Operate (FTO) analysis, which is crucial for assessing potential patent infringements and analyzing complex intellectual property landscapes. By leveraging our expertise in FTO services, we empower law firms to make informed decisions, minimizing risks in their patent-related endeavors. Additionally, our team excels in patent validity and invalidation studies, delivering thorough research and robust evidence to support legal strategies. Our approach in scrutinizing patents provides our clients with a solid foundation for their validity or invalidity contentions, enhancing their litigation preparedness.

We also offer specialized services in creating detailed Evidence of Use (EoU) charts and conducting exhaustive product searches, pivotal in infringement studies and litigation processes. Our EoU charts are crafted, aligning patent claims with existing products. This level of precision aids law firms in formulating compelling arguments and strategies for their cases. Furthermore, our infringement study expertise allows us to conduct comprehensive product searches, identifying potential infringements and aiding in the development of effective litigation strategies. Maxinov’s commitment to providing high-quality, professional litigation support makes us a trusted partner for US patent law firms seeking to find cost effective and expert driven patent litigation with confidence and clarity.

Infringement Searches / Product Searches / Evidence of Use

Protect your interests and preemptively address potential infringements. We meticulously scan for products, services, or publications that might infringe upon your patents, offering a holistic view of potential threats in the market.

Patent validity search

Patent invalidity or patent validity searches are conducted to either validate enforceability of claims of a patent or to invalidate one or more claims of some other patent (mostly of a competitor). It is the first step taken by a company facing a patent infringement lawsuit.

FTO Search

Launching a new product or business? Perhaps you will need an FTO analysis. Whenever a company is planning to develop and launch a new product, particularly in sectors that involve extensive patenting activity, there is a risk that commercialization may be blocked..