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Freedom To Operate Searches (FTO)

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Launching a new product or business? Perhaps you will need an FTO analysis. Whenever a company is planning to develop and launch a new product, particularly in sectors that involve extensive patenting activity, there is a risk that commercialization may be blocked by a competitor who owns a patent for the technology. Many companies therefore seek “freedom to operate,” at an early stage of their business to ensure that the production, marketing and use of their new product or process does not infringe the rights of others.

When should you conduct an FTO search?

An FTO or a freedom to operate search is needed when you are planning to develop and launch a new product in a technology area where there is extensive patenting and there are chances that your product may overlap someone’s patented technology

The objective of an FTO search is to minimize the risks of infringement but it does not give an absolute guarantee of freedom to operate. Minimizing the risks can save your company significant resources.

Maxinov’s FTO search methodology

Our FTO search includes discovery of patent literature that may possibly overlap on product features. The search is focused for particular features of a product in specific countries/jurisdictions where the product is planned to be launched or the business is carried out.

The search includes enforceable patents. It is important to study legal status of the patents.

Our team of scientists, engineers, lawyers, patent agents, and market researchers who work on your projects has more than a decade of experience in patent searches and FTO matters. We will be happy to assist you if you have an FTO requirement. Just drop a note to us and our specialist will reach out to you.

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