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Startup Patents

Why Patents Make Startups Irresistible to Investors?

Patents are a startup’s golden ticket to attracting investors. They offer a competitive edge, signify innovation, boost valuation, and draw the attention of industry giants. Patents also provide legal protection,
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patent strategies

What Every Small and Medium Sized Business Must Know About Patents

In the fast-paced tech world, safeguarding intellectual property (IP) is crucial. This article explores patent strategies for small and medium-sized businesses, emphasizing early protection, domain name security, brand trademarking, and
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Patent Valuation Insights

Knowing the Full Value of Your Patent: Moving Beyond Revenue-Centric Assessment

Patent valuation is a multifaceted and often contentious subject. A patent’s worth is intrinsically tied to its revenue-generating capabilities. While revenue certainly holds an important place in determining the value
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Illustration of a compass guiding through the patent filing process for inventors and innovators

For Inventors and Innovators: Navigating the Seas of Patent Filing

Patent filing remains a crucial aspect for businesses and inventors alike. A well-structured patent strategy can safeguard your inventions and provide a competitive edge in the marketplace. However, the intricacies
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Illustration of a patent document with a computer and technology icons in the background, representing the process of patenting software and tech innovations.

Patenting Software and Tech Innovations: Addressing Unique Challenges

This article delves into the challenges faced when patenting software and tech innovations, including abstract ideas and prior art complexities. Learn how Maxinov’s specialized patent services can help innovators secure
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Patent Trolls

Patent Trolls: How to Protect Your Business from Patent Assertion Entities

In the ever-evolving business landscape, protecting your intellectual property is crucial. Patent trolls, also known as Patent Assertion Entities (PAEs), pose a significant threat to businesses, targeting them with frivolous
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