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Unlocking Your Creativity: USPTO Launches Innovative Tool to Identify Your Intellectual Property
The USPTO has launched an innovative tool to help creators identify their intellectual property, including patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets. Understanding and protecting intellectual property is crucial for creators
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Addressing Uncertainty in AI Inventorship: USPTO’s Call for Change
The USPTO is seeking public input on whether the patent system should be modified to address the uncertainty surrounding AI inventorship. The proposed changes aim to provide legal clarity and
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Maximizing the Potential of AgroTech Innovation: Insights From the USPTO Program on IP Strategy
The USPTO Program on AgroTech Innovation provides insights into the challenges and opportunities of IP strategy for AgroTech Innovators. Navigating the complex regulatory landscape and potential patent disputes are challenges,
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AI-generated works
Navigating the Boundaries of Copyright Law in the Age of AI-Generated Works
Delves into the complexities surrounding copyright protection for works created by artificial intelligence. It discusses the limitations of current copyright laws and highlights the need for a more nuanced and
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Protect Your AI Innovations: A Guide to Subject Matter Eligibility and IP Strategy
The guide to subject matter eligibility and IP strategy for AI provides an overview of the key components of an effective IP strategy, including patent, trademark, and trade secret protection.
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Identifying the Best Patent Illustrators for Your Patents: What to Consider
A patent application is a crucial step for inventors to protect their innovative ideas. One essential element of the patent application is the patent illustration. An effective patent illustration can
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