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Maxinov is a global service provider of Intellectual Property (Patent) Services, Legal Support Services, Patent Advisory Services, Patent Strategy, Patent Search Services, Illustration Services, and Market Research Services.

Patent Searches

Our search experts have helped clients globally in making critical decisions about patents filing, defending the intellectual property, and monetization of patent assets by delivering the right and reliable patent information and patent search services.

Patent Prosecution Support

Patent prosecution is the interaction between applicant or his representatives with the patent office of a country. It involves different stages of a patent from patent application preparation and patent filing to the grant amendments.

Patent Advisory

We provide companies in-depth information about competition, technology roadmaps of competitors, recent competitive and technology trends, patent intelligence, and future technological insights based on patent data.

IP for Startups

We protect startups’ innovative ideas and brands with our specialized Intellectual Property (IP) services. Our experienced team assists with patent and trademark filings, conducts thorough searches, and provides guidance on IP strategy and portfolio management. Let us handle your IP so you can focus on growing your business.

Patent Illustrations/Drawings

Maxinov provides high-quality patent illustrations and drawings services. Our experienced team creates accurate and detailed illustrations that meet global patent office requirements. We work closely with clients to effectively communicate their invention’s features and functionality, delivering top-notch illustrations that protect their intellectual property.

Content Curation and Intelligence

We provide expert content curation and intelligence services to help businesses stay up-to-date with industry developments and trends. Our comprehensive services curate relevant and insightful information from the web, giving you the latest and most relevant information to make informed decisions and stay ahead of the competition.

AI-Powered Patent Analytics and Insights

We offer an AI-enabled patent analytics and consulting service that utilizes the latest in artificial intelligence technology, including Generative AI, machine learning tools, prediction models etc. Our services are designed to provide our clients with the most comprehensive and accurate insights into their patent landscape. Our team of experienced patent analysts and consultants, combined with the power of AI, delivers results that are both thorough and efficient. We offer a range of services, including patent search and analysis, freedom-to-operate analysis, patent portfolio management, and more. With Patent Intelligence 2.0, we've redefined the future of patent and tech intelligence services.

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