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Our Services

What can we do for you?

Maxinov is a global service provider of Intellectual Property (Patent) Services, Legal Support Services, Patent Advisory Services, Patent Strategy, Patent Search Services, Illustration Services, and Market Research Services.

Patent Searches

Our search experts have helped clients globally in making critical decisions about patents filing, defending the intellectual property, and monetization of patent assets by delivering the right and reliable patent information and patent search services.

Patent Prosecution Support

Patent prosecution is the interaction between applicant or his representatives with the patent office of a country. It involves different stages of a patent from patent application preparation and patent filing to the grant amendments.

Patent Litigation Support

We specialize in meticulous Freedom to Operate analyses, patent validity studies, and Evidence of Use charts. Our services empower law firms with informed decision-making, minimizing risks in patent-related endeavors. Choose Maxinov for precision, expertise, and cost-effective litigation support.

Patent Advisory

We provide companies in-depth information about competition, technology roadmaps of competitors, recent competitive and technology trends, patent intelligence, and future technological insights based on patent data.

Patent Illustrations / Drawings

Maxinov offers top-tier patent illustrations, crafted by our expert team to meet global patent office standards. We collaborate closely with clients to safeguard their intellectual property by effectively depicting their invention’s features and functionality.

IP for Startups

We safeguard startups’ inventive concepts and trademarks through our expert IP services. Our team handles patent and trademark filings, conducts comprehensive searches, and offers strategic IP guidance, allowing you to concentrate on business growth.

AI-Powered Patent Analytics and Insights

We provide AI-powered patent analytics using cutting-edge technology like Generative AI and machine learning. Our experienced team and AI deliver comprehensive and efficient patent services, redefining tech intelligence.

Content Curation and Intelligence

We offer expert content curation and intelligence services to keep businesses informed about industry trends. Our services gather relevant and insightful web content, providing you with the latest information to make informed decisions and stay competitive.