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Patent Prosecution Support

Patent filing is a complex procedure requiring a close understanding of the present as well as the future. It is not just about writing the patent on behalf of an inventor, but also requires putting a hat of an examiner and a judge for a future examination and a possible infringement matter. With an experience of more than 700 patents written by our team for some of the finest law firms and corporations across the world, we want to assure you that your inventions are in safe hands with us as long as Maxinov is your patent prosecution support partner.

Patent prosecution is the interaction between applicant or his representatives with the patent office of a country. It involves different stages of a patent from patent application preparation and patent filing to the grant and post-grant amendments. It requires a deep understanding of the technology and an experience of working with attorneys and law experts. Maxinov is a trusted name for startups, large corporations, law firms and individual inventors as far as patent prosecution support and services are concerned. Our patent specialists are qualified and experienced to handle complex as well as the simplest patent-related matters. We love claims and we are passionate about patenting and claim writing.

Provisional Patent Drafting

Provisional patent application allows you to file without a formal patent claim, oath or declaration, or any information disclosure (prior art) statement. Filing a well-written provisional patent application that describes the invention sufficiently will establish your invention’s priority and stop the clock for others.

Non-Provisional Patent Drafting

A non-provisional application is examined by a patent examiner and may be issued as a granted patent if all the requirements for patentability are met. According to USPTO, more than 500,000 patent applications are received by the Office every year. Most of these applications are non-provisional.

Responding to Patent Office Actions

A typical response for an office action involving rejection of the claimed matter may involve a remarks section and claims amendment. The applicant argues why the rejections may be inappropriate and/or explains about mended claims and why amendment overcomes prior art rejections.

Why Choose Us?

Our patent team has advised on more than 2000 patent prosecution matters for various clients across the world and the number is growing at a fast pace. The services include patentability assessment, patent illustration, prior-art search, provisional patent application-related matters, non-provisional patent application-related matters, patent drafting (patent application preparation and patent writing), patent filing, office action communication review, office action responses, information disclosure statements, file wrapper review (file wrapper analysis).

We are well equipped with capabilities to handle matters relating to a variety of technological themes ranging from conventional engineering tools, systems and equipment to hi-tech computer-controlled systems, medical devices and internet technologies. We have supported clients across various industries such as construction, textiles, mechanical engineering, electrical, electronics, and communications engineering, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and many more. Read more about technology and industry expertise of Maxinov here.

The Benefits

High quality results at a low cost

Typically, patent writing and prosecution is a costly exercise. Fast turnaround and low cost, without sacrificing quality is our value proposition. Our highly skilled experts with decades of experience in patent writing are able to delivery efficient results. Review structure involving multiple quality checkpoints ensure issues are identified early and resolved quickly before a patent application is filed. You can file your patent and prosecute it with our support without any worry and with minimal effort at your end.

Bringing the patent application to a grant requires specialized expertise and diligence. All actions during patent prosecution such as patent drafting, writing examination responses require special skill and experience of working with multiple patent office jurisdictions. Using Maxinov for your prosecution services and patent drafting in particular will ensure greater consistency over the entire patent filing process. Our team includes senior professional patent drafting experts who can deliver the highest possible quality on the market, and also understand mechanics of developing a larger portfolio to build a strong IP asset in a timely matter for improved gains in the long term. Benefit the most of your inventions by engaging our professionals create your patent drafts.

We have a team of technology/patent experts across a variety of technology ranging from conventional mechanical tools and equipment to hi-tech engineering disciplines and internet technologies. Our team has patent experts who are experienced of handling cross-discipline sectors such as internet of things, crypto-currency (blockchain tech), smart healthcare, 3D printing, etc.

Popular Questions

Why should I file a patent?

Theft prevention. This is the primary reason for seeking a patent. The protection means that others can’t make, use, sell, or offer to sell your invention in a particular jurisdiction where you have sought the invention. No one can even import your invention from another country. You reserve all rights of use of the technology for a certain period of time. Others can use it only with your permission which opens opportunities for monetization through licensing.

There is no world patent. You will need to select jurisdictions you want to protect your information in. A patent writing and filing may cost as much as USD 15k-20k for USPTO. If you engage Maxinov, patent research and writing costs can reduce significantly as we provide cost effective solutions to our clients. Patent research and writing cover a major part of the entire patenting cost. Official fee that is submitted to a patent office depends on whether you are an individual inventor or a small or micro entity or a general corporation that is neither a small or micro firm.

No. You cannot patent an idea for an invention. While all inventions start with an idea, but not every idea can be considered an invention.

Step 1: You first need to have a proof when you came up with the invention to define a priority date and inform the Examiner that no one owned it before you.

Step 2: Research about it. This includes conducting literature (prior art) search to assess whether the invention is new or not.

Step 3: Prepare a patent application draft.

Step 4: File a patent for it.

Step 5: If the invention is eligible for a patent, it will be granted by the PTO. Or else, you will hear rejections called office actions, which will be discussed during the examination process.

We can help reduce as much as 50-70% of the costs that are otherwise incurred in this research and writing phase.

Typically, we ask for 1-2 months of time for completely delivering a patent research and writing matter. This involves discussions with the inventors, review by inventors, and often 2-3 iterations for addressing feedback.