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Unlock the Power of Your Innovations with Leading Patent Advisory Services

IP Strategy

IP strategy is the development of a course of actions that uses intellectual property to enable a company to sustainably gain competitive advantage by either or more of realizing higher prices, increasing market share, and/or maintaining lower costs than the competition in the long-term with a secured and…

Patent Licensing / Monetization

Our patent clinicians and strategists (including inventors who are patent owners themselves) will review your patent portfolio to help you find hidden potential and strategically develop/expand your licensing and commercialization opportunities.

Patent Landscapes

A patent landscape process generally begins with a state-of-the-art search for the relevant technology in patent databases. The search results are then analyzed to answer specific questions about patenting activity or innovation. The results are presented visually along with database to help in understanding and…

Unsure about Your Requirements?

Whether it is about Patent Intelligence or Patent Strategy or Patent Research, we are a one stop solutions provider for all your patent advisory and research needs. Our patent clinicians work at the intersection of business, law and technology to lay the foundation for your successful business.

We provide companies in-depth information about competition, technology roadmaps of competitors, recent competitive and technology trends, patent intelligence, competition intelligence, technology whitespaces, and future technological insights based on patent data. ‘Patent Intelligence’ means different to large corporations and startups and their objectives are also very different. Our experts know this difference very well. We have generated analysis and recommendation reports for major technology corporations as well as startups and helped them in making informed decisions about technological advancements, their existence and survival, securing funding and investments, future technological growth, and building disruptive innovation frameworks.

Why Choose Us?

Our advisory team delivers a range of consulting services to assist clients in developing innovation frameworks and patent strategies, and to find untapped opportunities such as in the form of whitespaces and un-addressed sections across the full spectrum of intellectual property management and technology evolution. Our advisory and consulting services are primarily classified under strategy development and opportunity assessment.

We identify relevant data from several information sources that includes business data, technological data, research data, and trends and insights about companies. An expert layer and automated models convert this data into relevant information which is used to generate insights and recommendations by qualified professionals, analysts, and subject matter experts. Our ‘Technology and Patent Intelligence’ products are not just reports or just one time analysis but a complete, dynamic, and evolving study of technology and competition space in the form of insights, recommendations and guides. Through our monthly, quarterly, and annual intelligence updates and period watch reports, organizations can remain fully aware of technological threats and opportunities all the time.

The Benefits

IP Strategy

IP analysts at Maxinov help you find answers to a wide range of questions ranging from your competitors positioning to the future opportunities and management of infringement risks. With a deep understanding of the available patent data sources, modeling and analytics tools, and experts who can utilize this information to determine what’s relevant and who know how to generate insights to make smarter business decisions, Maxinov is capable of crafting a successful patent strategy for your firm.

Maxinov Advisory helps enterprises understand and effectively communicate the value of their IP assets so they can exploit those assets to secure funding from private and public sources. Some businesses and companies overlook their ability to leverage their IP assets or ignore the potential to build their portfolio to next stage enhancements. Knowing how to make the most of their IP assets is essential for any organization that wants to pursue innovation in order to survive and lead through the IP life cycle.

Patents serve as a tool of learning about current research and innovations generally much ahead of the time when the products appear on the market. The novel and innovative information contained in patents can provide your SME with important insights that you may use to craft your product launch and overall business strategy. Our team has experience in helping startups and small enterprises in many ways such as by ensuring that they do not spend unnecessary expenses on researching what is already known, helping them identify alternative solutions to technical problems, discovering whitespaces for their technical niches, locating technology partners, and getting ideas for further innovation.

Popular Questions

Why is patent data useful for me?

According to Word Intellectual Property Organization, about two-thirds of the entire technical information revealed in patents is never published elsewhere and the entire set of patent documents worldwide includes approximately 40 million items. This shows why patent information is the single most comprehensive collection of classified technological data available today. No technology company or innovation-centric enterprise can afford to miss this vast pool of information.

Maxinov patent advisory services help deliver a range of research-based consulting services for clients to develop appropriate strategies and assess opportunities across the entire spectrum of IP asset management. A patent strategy is part of an overall intellectual property (IP) advisory model. The IP strategy follows the company’s R&D strategy which in turn is driven by its overall business strategy.

Patent is a signal of quality. Businesses with strong patent assets have a better chance at attracting capital investments. According to a 2008 Berkeley study, 40 percent of all startups held patents and 80 percent of companies receiving venture capital investment owned patent assets.

Patent assets can lead to big things. In certain cases, it has even helped establish big empires. This is the reason why there is a surge in the actual patent filings of some now-corporate giants.

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