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Thorough Patent Infringement Evidence Searches

Uncover Infringement, Secure Your Case

Success in patent litigation hinges on thorough preparation. For attorneys navigating the complexities of patent infringement cases, gathering concrete evidence of use is paramount. It’s not just about searching; it’s about ensuring your client’s intellectual property is protected. Maxinov’s Evidence of Use / Infringement Search service equips you with the evidence you need to build a strong case. We are your partners in this mission, aligning our expertise with your legal objectives.

Patent Infringement

Why Maxinov for Evidence of Use Searches?

Benefits of Our Comprehensive Evidence of Use Searches

Legal Edge

Strengthen your case with concrete evidence of patent infringement. If it exists, we will find it.


Achieve a comprehensive search without the burdensome cost.


Our experts handle the groundwork, allowing you to focus on your legal strategy.

Client Satisfaction

Present compelling evidence of patent infringement to protect your client's rights.

Evidence of Use Search Project Process Diagram

1. Project Initiation

Submit a request for evidence of use assistance. Provide the patent details in question.

2. Project Accepted Within 24 Hours

Maxinov promptly reviews your request and communicates acceptance within 24 hours.

3. Project Kickoff Meeting

Schedule and conduct a kickoff call to define objectives and expectations. Gain a comprehensive understanding of the infringement allegations.

4. Initial Assessment

Delve deeper into the patent in question. Begin assembling the necessary resources for the search.

5. Data Collection

Gather patent-related documents, including file wrappers, prosecution history, citation documents, and more. Collect additional relevant materials, as needed, from your side.

6. Preliminary Analysis

Review the patent claims and specifications. Identify potential areas of infringement and reasons for infringement claims.

7. Evidence of Use Search

Conduct an exhaustive search to uncover evidence of patent infringement. Utilize diverse resources for a comprehensive search.

8. Analysis of Evidence

Review and analyze the identified evidence of use. Determine its relevance in the infringement case. Provide regular updates throughout the process.

9. Interim Report Submission

Summarize the findings from the evidence search. Highlight potential evidence of infringement. Share interim findings with you, seeking feedback and identifying areas requiring deeper exploration.

10. In-depth Analysis & Final Report Preparation

Based on feedback, conduct a focused analysis of identified evidence. Finalize the report, including details, explanations, and expert insights.

11. Final Report Delivery

Provide a comprehensive evidence of use report. Present the evidence, in-depth analysis, and recommendations.

12. Ongoing Collaboration

Continue to support your future patent projects. Strengthen our collaboration for mutual success.

Testimonials from Legal Professionals

Maxinov's Evidence of Use Searches were a game-changer for my cases. They unearthed crucial evidence that strengthened my client's position. A true partner in patent litigation.
Sarah Turner
Patent Attorney
Maxinov's expertise in patent infringement searches is unparalleled. Their efficient and cost-effective approach gave our legal team a competitive edge.
David Chen
Intellectual Property Counsel
Maxinov's team consistently delivered solid evidence of patent infringement, saving us valuable time and ensuring client satisfaction. A reliable ally in our legal battles.
Linda Simmons
Senior Litigation Associate
We've trusted Maxinov for over a decade. Their evidence of use searches have been instrumental in our patent infringement cases. The results are consistently impressive.
Michael Johnson
Managing Partner, IP Law Firm

Ready to Begin Your Evidence of Use Search Project?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of an Evidence of Use search?

An Evidence of Use search is conducted to identify and document instances of patent infringement, providing critical evidence in patent litigation.

Maxinov combines 15 years of experience, expert analysts, AI technology, and access to extensive databases to offer a comprehensive, cost-effective, and efficient solution for evidence of use searches.

The search encompasses a wide range of materials, including product documentation, patents, legal cases, and public records, among others.

The duration can vary based on the complexity of the case, but we strive to provide timely results and offer estimated timelines during project initiation.

Yes, we have experience in handling both domestic and international patent infringement searches.

Our pricing is competitive and tailored to your specific needs. Please contact us for a personalized quote.

We provide regular updates at key milestones throughout the search process, ensuring transparency and collaboration.

Absolutely. We welcome feedback and can refine the search based on your input to address specific areas of interest.

Our findings are presented in a format that is admissible in court, including expert analysis and documented evidence.

We are committed to a continued partnership and offer support for future projects, as well as assistance with any additional questions or requirements you may have.

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