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Maxinov Career Opportunities

There are multiple reasons for you to start or expand your career at Maxinov. Maxinov is a fast growing company that provides opportunities to its employees to grow. At Maxinov, we believe that the growth of the company is entirely driven by the growth of its employees. By growth, we not only mean professional growth, but physical, mental as well as spiritual growth of our employees. We promote a healthy environment without stresses where the company is treated as a family and its employees as family members.

Why Work For Us?

A Learning Company

When you join our team, you will find that we do not only train and teach our employees to manage their day-to-day responsibilities, we also empower them to acquire new skills and qualifications through a variety of learning tools. We provide one of the best opportunities around. Our ambition is to offer all of our employees a wide range of experiences that help them progress and advance through their career.

Global Exposure

You get to work with our global clientele. This gives a global exposure to our team. You learn to work in different types of global settings and understand a variety of ways same problem can be dealt with. A recent survey among service professionals reveals about significant benefits of gaining international exposure in terms of overall career development.

Responsibility and Ethics

We have a responsibility toward our staff. We focus highly on ethics. Therefore, we make sure we hire the right candidates with appropriate skills and brightest potential so we can invest on them and help them illuminate their and others’ lives and make the world a better place to live in. We are committed to them. In addition to our commitment for our people, we strongly believe in promoting diversity (origin, sex, customs, age, marital status, ethnicity, nationality, race, beliefs, physical appearance, disability, pregnancy, gender identity, place of residence etc) as it is one of the keys to our team’s success.

We Are Looking For

Research Associate (Bio Technology/Pharmaceuticals)

We are looking for qualified candidates with strong technical backgrounds in Bio Technology or pharma and a prior experience in Intellectual Property services and/or Technology Research.

Please, send your CV to

Candidates with post grad in pharmaceuticals, bio-tech or other life science streams from reputed institutes are welcome for this position. The candidate should have a strong command on English language writing as the work will involve significant amount of writing.

Please, send your CV to

Candidates with grad or post grad in pharmaceuticals from reputed institutes are eligible for this position. The candidate should have a good command on English language writing.

Please, send your CV to

Candidates with Masters in English Language or in Journalism and a prior experience of 1-3 years in language editing are eligible for this position.

Please, send your CV to