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Venture into Patent Opportunities

Protecting Your Innovations. Shielding Your Patents from Infringement and Trolls. Monetizing Your Patent Assets – Each One an Opportunity Awaits. Open doors to new patent opportunities and explore the potential for your business’s success with Maxinov.


Helping US law firms in Intellectual Property for the last 15 years

We’ve been instrumental in helping law firms achieve over 75% cost savings on their projects where we collaborated. For US law firms, we offer tailor-made services that strengthen your IP practice. Our patent expertise covers thorough searches, patent drafting, EoU charts, invalidation studies etc.


Leading the Future in Healthcare Tech Intellectual Property

The first and unparalleled choice, exclusively assisting law firms and corporations in healthcare-specific niches globally.

Driven by patent analysts, researchers, PhDs, and scholars with hands-on healthcare patent experience. Our forte? Patent preparation and analytics in digital health, biosciences, medical devices, RPM, telehealth, healthcare automation, and more.

Our Diverse Clientele

For the last 15 years, we have been serving a diverse clientele spanning law firms in the US, UK, and beyond, alongside global corporations and innovative startups. Our comprehensive suite of services caters to clients throughout the entire patent lifecycle, from patentability assessments and FTO searches to patent writing, illustrations, infringement reports, licensing, monetization, and valuation.

Our patent experts have handled work for:

What We Do

Discover Our Patent Expertise: Protect, Defend, Prosper

Patent Searches

Our search experts have helped clients globally in making critical decisions about patents filing, defending the intellectual property, and monetization of patent assets by delivering the right and reliable patent information and patent search services.

Patent Prosecution Support

Patent prosecution is the interaction between applicant or his representatives with the patent office of a country. It involves different stages of a patent from patent application preparation and patent filing to the grant amendments.

Patent Litigation Support

We specialize in meticulous Freedom to Operate analyses, patent validity studies, and Evidence of Use charts. Our services empower law firms with informed decision-making, minimizing risks in patent-related endeavors. Choose Maxinov for precision, expertise, and cost-effective litigation support.

Patent Advisory

We provide companies in-depth information about competition, technology roadmaps of competitors, recent competitive and technology trends, patent intelligence, and future technological insights based on patent data.

Patent Illustrations / Drawings

Maxinov offers top-tier patent illustrations, crafted by our expert team to meet global patent office standards. We collaborate closely with clients to safeguard their intellectual property by effectively depicting their invention’s features and functionality.

IP for Startups

We safeguard startups’ inventive concepts and trademarks through our expert IP services. Our team handles patent and trademark filings, conducts comprehensive searches, and offers strategic IP guidance, allowing you to concentrate on business growth.

AI-Powered Patent Analytics and Insights

We provide AI-powered patent analytics using cutting-edge technology like Generative AI and machine learning. Our experienced team and AI deliver comprehensive and efficient patent services, redefining tech intelligence.

Content Curation and Intelligence

We offer expert content curation and intelligence services to keep businesses informed about industry trends. Our services gather relevant and insightful web content, providing you with the latest information to make informed decisions and stay competitive.

About Us

Visualizing Your Innovative Ideas

Enhance your organization’s innovation capabilities with our 3I model, a comprehensive tool for capturing and analyzing technology and patent intelligence. Our approach helps you create a framework that meets your specific needs and has a long-term, positive impact on your business. By implementing the 3I model, we guide you towards making informed, strategic decisions that pave the way for success. Let us help you achieve your goals and drive your organization forward.

Who We Are?

Maxinov is a top global provider of intellectual property, legal and patent-related services, including patent advisory, search and illustration, and market research. They also assist companies in developing innovation ecosystems and content strategies in healthcare technologies. With their expertise and cost-effective solutions, Maxinov helps clients worldwide foster growth and innovation.

Why work with us?

At Maxinov, we are proud to have a highly skilled and experienced team of professionals. Our team includes experts in a wide range of fields, including engineering, science, law, medicine, economics, illustration, IT, and language. Our professionals are trained to deliver world-class knowledge solutions that are recognized and appreciated globally. Trust us to provide you with top-quality services and expertise.

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Patent Drafting and Filing

Drafting a patent application is an art and involves techno-legal writing to describe an invention. It requires years of experience of interacting with the Office and attorneys to appreciate the difference between available choices.

Patentability Assessment (Search)

A patentability assessment includes a patent search, a detailed analysis of the references discovered in the search, and a written report on patentability of an invention. A patent search is the first step in a patentability assessment.

Patent Landscapes

Our team has experienced persons of over a decade of experience in handling patent matters. We have successfully delivered more than 100 technology landscape projects many of who included over 1000 hours of work.

IP Strategy

Whether it is a big corporation or a mid-size firm or a startup or an inventor practicing at an individual level – all need IP strategy. However, IP strategy for each of them will be different as the objectives and requirements are different in each case.

Content research and curation

Our curation offerings can help in your business growth in many ways. Content curation is not just aggregation but involves much more than a simple task of copying from somewhere and pasting in a destination site.

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