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State of the Art Search

Everything disclosed to the public, including patents and non-patent literature is called state of the art or prior art. State of the art search is decisive in determining patentability of an invention when reviewed in light of patentability criteria. It is sometimes also called as a prior art search. We at Maxinov have a dedicated team of patent researchers who are experienced with over a decade of experience in conducting prior art searches and helping clients take decisions based on uncovered prior art. Connect with us now for a free advice.

We follow a systematic approach for conducting state of the art search involving steps such as:

STEP 1: Finding right keywords – Search term are identified that best describe the invention or a technology area. Knowledge about the technology is needed to frame right keywords. It is important to look for new terms alternatively used for the technology.

Step 2: Product searching – we need to know what is already there in the market that is similar to the technology under consideration and/or that solves the same problem. Some of the obsolete technologies may also be historically recorded and can serve as prior art. Sometimes, it is also important to talk to people who are expert in the technology.

STEP 3: Patent searching – patent searching is the most important step in a prior art or state of the search. It is far more important than product searching because they heavily outnumbered by a large number of ideas that are filed for patents but never reach market as products. A comprehensive patent database is needed to discover relevant patents.

STEP 4: Analysis, conclusion, and reporting – The final step involves analysis of all the data and generating conclusions and recommendations out of the analyzed information.

Why Maxinov for your prior art searches?

Our FTO search includes discovery of patent literature that may possibly There are multiple reasons why Maxinov can be your trusted partner for prior art searches and particularly state of the art searches (technology searches):

  • 8+ years of business in patent research and patent intelligence
  • Our team have experienced person of over a decade of experience in handling patent matters such as patent prosecution, patent searches, patent invalidation, patent landscapes etc.
  • Our unique blend of technology expertise and patent experience help us deliver the highest of the quality standards in IP industry.
  • We have a strong team who understands the technology of a patent including researchers, lawyers, patent agents, scientists, business professionals, engineers, etc. Our technology capabilities range from life sciences (pharma, biomed, medical tech), chemicals, and mechanical structures and machines to electronics, computer sciences and engineering, healthcare IT, 3D printing, blockchain, 5G, IoT and other hi-tech innovative technology sectors.
  • We have successfully completed more than 3,000 searches
  • Our deliverables (search reports) are highly customized based on client requirements and highlight claim/key feature mapping for easy review by the client and help make a decision about prior art.
  • The search report highlights relevant and important texts which is quite helpful for prior art review.
  • Partnered with USPTO and India patent attorneys in case client requires a legal support.