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Patent landscapes

If you are seeking to develop new products, processes in a particular technology area, you may need patent landscapes. There are other benefits also for conducting patent landscapes such as to identity technology whitespaces, understand and define technology roadmaps for a company/business, evaluate competition portfolio strengths and weaknesses, generate inputs to guide through various stages of crafting patent strategy etc. The information from a patent landscape helps companies develop their business plans and research and development/patent strategies. Sometimes, landscapes can include patent as well as non-patent literature. These are called technology landscapes.

What is patent landscaping / patent landscapes?

Patent landscaping is a research process that creates an overview of the patents (and published patent applications) in a particular technology sector. For example, if you are developing a new therapy for fighting diabetes, a patent landscape will show you what other therapies and treatment methods are already patented or are pending for patent grant in this technology area. It also provides many more interesting insights such as information about top assignees/companies, prolific inventors, top patent and non-patent citations, patent filing trends, classification under a defined taxonomy, evolution of technology, geographical coverage of patenting etc.

Patent landscape reports provide a snapshot of the overall patent situation of a specific technology, either within a given country/region, or worldwide. These reports can be used for policy discussions, strategic research planning or technology transfer, or in developing a patent strategy for a company.

A patent landscape process generally begins with a state-of-the-art search for the relevant technology in patent databases. The search results are then analyzed to answer specific questions about patenting activity or innovation. The results are presented visually along with database to help in understanding and derive recommendations based on the data.

Maxinov’s capabilities in patent landscaping

Our capabilities in landscapes differentiate us from others in patent industry.

  • 8+ years of business in patent research and analysis
  • Our team has experienced persons of over a decade of experience in handling patent matters.
  • Successfully delivered more than 100 technology landscape projects. Some of the landscapes are as extensive as involving 1,000 hours of work of technologists. We do have simpler solutions for startups and small organizations.
  • Low costs – we help you save as much as 70% of the costs you would otherwise have to spend on patent support.
  • Our unique blend of technology expertise and patent experience help us deliver the highest of the quality standards in IP industry.
  • Our patent strategists include hi-tech inventors who are themselves patent holders and can appreciate the nuances involved in patent analysis/patent research matters.
  • We have a strong team who understands the technology. Our technology capabilities range from life sciences (pharma, biomed, medical tech), chemicals, and mechanical structures and machines to electronics, computer sciences and engineering, healthcare IT, 3D printing, blockchain, 5G, IoT and other hi-tech innovative technology sectors.