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Non-provisional Patent Application Drafting

As Joseph G. Hadzima says, if you have a patent on a “vessel to hold coffee” and I have a patent on a “handle for a vessel”, then I can prevent you from putting a handle on a coffee cup and you can prevent me from attaching a cup to my handle. If you believe your invention has a commercialization potential, protecting it through a patent registration is the first thing you should do without any doubt. Patent process begins with patent application drafting.

There are two types of utility and plant patent applications: provisional patent application and non-provisional patent application. A provisional application is a quick and inexpensive way to establish a U.S. filing date for your invention, which can be claimed in a later-filed non-provisional application. A provisional application is automatically abandoned 12 months after its filing date and the application cannot be processed ahead if a respective non-provisional application is not filed with the patent office. An applicant may decide to initiate the patenting process with either first filing a provisional application followed by a non-provisional filing within a year or directly filing a non-provisional application.

A non-provisional application is examined by a patent examiner and may be issued as a granted patent if all the requirements for patentability are met. According to USPTO, more than 500,000 patent applications are received by the Office every year. Most of these applications are non-provisional.

Why Maxinov for your patent drafting needs?

Drafting a patent is an art and involves techno-legal writing to describe various features of an invention. It requires substantial amount of experience in patent drafting, years of experience of interacting with the Office, attorneys and Examiners to appreciate the difference between available choices while drafting a patent, and a strong sense of recognizing the future to understand how an Examiner might come back. All this is needed in order to prepare a patent application draft to perfection.

We follow a comprehensive and an expertise-driven approach to cover all aspects of the invention and possible embodiments, and fall back positions ascertaining complete protection of the invention.

Here are some reasons why our clients believe in our drafting capabilities:

  • 8+ years of business in patent application drafting and patent filing
  • Our team has experienced persons of over a decade of experience in handling patent drafting matters.
  • Successfully delivered more than 300 non-provisional patent applications.
  • Low costs – we help you save as much as 70% of the costs you would otherwise have to spend on patent drafting and filing.
  • Our unique blend of technology expertise and patent experience help us deliver the highest of the quality standards in IP industry.
  • We have a strong team who understands the technology. Our technology capabilities range from life sciences (pharma, biomed, medical tech) and mechanical structures and machines to electronics, computer sciences and engineering, healthcare IT, 3D printing, blockchain, 5G, IoT and other hi-tech innovative technology sectors.
  • Patent drafting is an art. Not everyone can prepare a good patent application. It requires years of experience to differentiate between different choices available in writing a patent draft. Our team includes some of the finest patent draftspersons and patent writers who have worked with some of the largest patent law firms and corporations in the US, UK, India, and other countries.
  • Our patent drafting team includes technologists who are inventors and patent holders by themselves and can appreciate the importance of an invention/innovation and entire life cycle of inventing and patenting better.
  • We are partnered with US, EPO, Indian law firms and attorneys so that we can serve you for all services as a single point of contact at low costs. No hassles anymore.